quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2010

Ukulele Cifra - Goody Goody - Sophie Madeleine

"Goody Goody" (composed by Matty Malneck, with lyrics by Johnny Mercer 1936).

G Gdim G

So you met some -one who set you back on your heels

Good -y Good -y!

G Gdim E7

So you met some -one and now you know how it feels

Good -y Good -y!

Am E7 Am Am E7

So you gave her your heart too Just as I gave mine to



A7 D7

And she broke it in lit -tle piec -es, now how do you do.

G Gdim G

So you lie a -wake just sing -in' the blues all night

Good -y Good -y!

G7 C E7 Am

So you think that love's a bar -rel of dy -na -mite

C Cm Bm7 E7

Hoo -ray and hal -la -lu -jah! You had it com -in' to ya.

A7 Am

Good -y Good -y for her Good -y Good -y for me

A7 D7 G

And I hope you're sat -is -fied you ras -cal you.

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